Md Shajahan Siraj

Personal Profile:

Mr. Md. Shajahan Siraj is a successful entrepreneur and a noted business tycoon in Bangladesh. Mr. Siraj started his journey as an entrepreneur in July 2003 filling the shoes of a Director in the Board of Directors of the one of the oldest and most renowned real estate developers at old Dhaka Babuli Construction and Consultant (Private) Ltd. From there he went on to establish his own real estate business under the banner of Prossimo Developments Ltd. in 2008. Success caught up to him swiftly as a reward of his visionary traits as he became one of the few pioneers in clean power and clean building industries of Bangladesh with his enterprises like Noor Eco Bricks Ltd. and Noor Power Ltd.. Mr. Siraj also proved that his versatility and keen business acumen with his enterprise, DiGi Ad Ltd., which revolutionized the billboard advertisement sector in Bangladesh by introducing digital display boards which replaced traditional billboards.

Mr. Siraj is also an active member in the key trade federations and associations in Bangladesh. Such federations include the federation of Bangladesh Chamber s of Commerce and Industry, Dhaka chamber of commerce and Industry, Chamber of commerce, etc. Due to his amiable nature and sociability, he is very well regarded among these circles.

Academic Qualification:

Year Description
1995 Completed Secondary School Certificate (SSC) examinations from Wills Little Flower School, Dhaka with 1st Division
1997 Completed Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) examinations from BAF Shahin College, Dhaka with 1st Division
2001 Completed Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) from East West University, Dhaka with 1st Class
2003 Completed Master of Business Administration (MBA) from East West University, Dhaka with 1st Class

Owner of:
  2. Noor Folden Fiber Ltd.
  3. Noor Eco Bricks Ltd.
  4. Noor Power Ltd.
  5. DIGI AD Ltd.
  6. Khan Enterprise